Pablo Miró


Am 15. November präsentiert Pablo seine neue CD “Courage” im historischen Berliner Theater “Schalotte” 

Am 15. November präsentiert Pablo seine neue CD “Courage” im historischen Berliner Theater “Schalotte” 




Das neueste Album

Bitte nehmt euch ein paar Minuten und besucht . Vielen Dank,euer Pablo


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“With Courage Pablo Miró created a timeless peace of art that invalidates every attempt to categorize it into genres.”


“Only few guitarists in the world will be able to bring such a performance to the stage.”


“The finishing duet with Konstantin Wecker could even be found on songwriter leaderboards.”




born in Cordoba, Argentine


founding date of his first band, “Canto Libre”

1978 he founded “Canto Libre” and gave the first concerts in cities and villages in North Rhine Westphalia. His first songs and compositions become recognized in bars and the local press.




Italy: Advanced training in playing the guitar at Scuola di Musica di Fiesole, Florence.

Pablo falls under the influence of the Italian “Cantautori”, especially Pino Daniele and Lucio Dalla. Pablo starts touring Solo in Tuscany and Northern Italy and gives multiple concerts as part of the festival „Feste dell’Unitá“.


Return to Cordoba, Argentine, after the fall of the military regime



1985-90 Studies in composition at Universidad Nacional de Córdoba.

An audience of 4000 people enjoy his first Open-Air-Concert with the famous song writer Santiago Feliú of Nueva Trova.



1991-2010 Pablo lives in Buenos Aires and give his first foreign tours in Chile and Uruguay.


First roadshow in Europe and first Open-Air-Concert with Victor Heredia in the Anfiteatro Arturo Illia del Paseo.


2001 he releases his first CD “Luz Bengala”, a mix of folk, jazz and pop.

Even famous artists like Liliana Herrero, a successor of Mercedes des Sosa and the legendary Manolo Juarez contribute to the CD. The press speaks highly of Pablo and calls him one of the most important newcomers of Argentine. Many Luz-Bengale concerts follow in Argentine as well as the neighboring countries.


„Mágico“, his second CD, hits the market.

Electronic and Bossa Nova mix with ethnic rhythms and melodies. The first concert takes place in the overcrowded concert hall in Palermo Hollywood in Buenos Aires.


Pablo starts his roadshow through Mexico in Mexico city on Nov. 2nd during the Festival de la Palabra


2008 3rd roadshow through Europe


Another three roadshows lead him to other European countries as well Mexico, Bolivia and Uruguay.


“Vidas”, his third CD is released

„12 True Stories“ are eternalized in his songs. It matters to Pablo to give a stage to these unknown, unsung heroes and their inspiring lives. It is the first CD only featuring a guitar. “I wanted a CD without make up, which sounds on the CD as it would sound during my solo concerts. It wanted those songs to sound like they do, when I practice them in my kitchen.”, Pablo explains. During the same year Pablo publishes his first CD for children: „Lieder zum Naschen“ (songs to eat sweets).


During the same year Pablo leaves Buenos Aires and decides to settle in Germany. Berlin, the city of his dreams, becomes his new home.



Lots of very intensive tours from Palermo, Sicily (The Brass Group Foundation) via Lugano (Switzerland) to Montevideo ( Uruguay )


Pablo reaches out to Konstantin Wecker and sends him his music

In their follow up meeting a friendship starts which will later on evolve into collaboration. Together they record a bilingual video for the song “Gracias a la Vida”, the song which made Mercedes Sosa popular all over the world. Pablo plays the guitar and sings the Spanish text while Konstantin enriches the text with his own German poetry. The song is released on Wecker’s new CD “Poesie und Widerstand” (poetry and resistance) and both of them give a concert in the Berliner Philarmonie.


Pablo is giving concerts on his own and with his band. Konstantin Wecker joins as special guest.

On May 4th the big prerelease concerts of his fifth CD, “Courage”, takes place in the “UFA Fabrik”, Berlin.

Release of his fifth CD “Courage”

“Courage” is being recorded with his band consisting of Topo Gioia, Michael Kersting, Guilherme Castro and Carly Quiróz. Konstantin Wecker, a very famous German singer/songwriter, honors Pablo by performing in a duet of “Gracias a la vida” and publishing the CD in his label “Sturm und Klang”. The release date is Oct. 26th.



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